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What Happens When Police Are Called For Possible Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is one of the most serious of crimes in the world. The victims are suffering from domestic violence, which is why the police are providing efficient services to protect the safety of the victims. You can now make a domestic dispute call and call for support and help if you live in Nevada. Whenever the police are called in to solve a domestic dispute, the incident is no longer private. The police report as soon as possible to help solve the dispute between the family members.

Nevada Domestic Violence Laws

Nevada protects the rights of the citizens of the state and has strict domestic violence laws. These laws help to protect people from suffering any violent crime. The people who commit crimes have to face serious consequences.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and share domestic relationships with the aggressor, you can call out for help. Nevada also provides a system where victims can get court-issued protective orders.

How To Get Help?

If you are being abused domestically, you can get in touch with the agents at the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. The hotline number is as follows: 1-800-799-7233. If you are looking for help as a victim of abuse, then make sure to get evidence against the person who is committing domestic violence against you. It is also best to try to prevent the aggressor from finding out that you are trying to seek help.

Domestic Violence: Prohibited Acts in Nevada

Nevada domestic violence laws are applied to current and former spouses. Domestic violence laws can also be applied to persons related by blood or marriage. People who are currently or have formerly resided together are also included. If someone abuses while you are in a dating relationship they can also be liable to the domestic violence laws. If you have a child that have been abused you can also hold them responsible for the violence.

Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic violence laws are applicable for various offenses. There is no doubt domestic violence and police are connected in many ways. Here are the domestic violence offenses committed between people in a domestic setting.

● Battery

● Assault

● To compel the victim through force or threatening them to perform an act that the victim has the right to refuse. Refraining the victim from performing an act that they have the right to perform

● Sexual assault

● Engaging in harassing the victim over a particular issue. Doing an act purposefully to harass the victim.

● Stalking someone and following them around against their will

● Arson, trespassing, and destruction of private property

● Unlawful entry and barging into the victim's residence. Making a forcible entry into the victim's residence without asking their permission.

● Doing something forcibly against the victim's will

● Posing a threat to the victim's safety and harming them in any way by making a forcible entry.


A person guilty of their first domestic violence offence may have to spend around two days or more in jail we well as around 48 hours of community service and a $200 fine. This is only for those who don’t have any previous record of domestic violence. If it is a conviction for the second domestic violence case, the person may end up getting six months in jail. In this situation, the guilty person will have to serve around 100 hours of community service. At the same time, the maximum fine will be $1,000.

Defendants that are involved in first or second-time domestic violence must get counseling and pay they must pay the cost of the counseling sessions. This is applicable if the child is 18 years of age. Moreover, other things will depend on the judge's determination regarding the case.

Limited Dismissal Rights & Required Arrest

The Nevada Law involves an unusual requirement if the prosecutor is handling the case of the defendant. It doesn’t allow the prosecutor to dismiss the domestic violence case in exchange for a plea of guilty. However, this is only possible if no evidence is available in the court to convince the judge or jury.

When the police officer arrives at the domestic violence scene, he is required to arrest the guilty person. It doesn’t matter if he has an arrest warrant or not. Sometimes one or more people accuse each other of domestic violence. In this situation, the police officer will be required to arrest the person who is the aggressor or in some cases may arrest both parties.

Protective Orders For Domestic Violence

If an act of domestic violence call or a threat occurs, the court has an option to grant a temporary or extended order. They don’t feel obligated to let the adverse party know about it all. If the person is seeking protection from the primary aggressor, they can continue to stay away. However, both the applicant and the adverse party will have to appear in court.

Even though the order is issued later it will be in the hands of the court. Sometimes the court will notify the adverse party and hold a hearing before an order is granted. Here are the following protective orders for domestic violence:

● Stops the adverse party from threatening, harassing, or injuring the applicant, especially minor children

● The adverse party must be taken away from the house of the applicant

● Prohibits the adverse party from entering the school, workplace, or residence

● Custody of the child will be given to the applicant for the time being

● Court will offer emergency relief to the affected party

● Requires the affected party to limit the conversation with the applicant


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