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Las Vegas Drinking Laws: What You Need to Know?

Las Vegas is the world's nightlife center for a good reason, as you undoubtedly know. It has the most popular clubs, never-ending cocktails, and all the lights & glitter! Make sure you prepare for a safe & memorable night out with your friends!

Here are some things you should consider before you and the gang head out to dance the night away and live by the maxim "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

1. In Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County, it is acceptable to carry an open container and consume alcohol in public.

In most of the country, having an open container while consuming alcohol may put you in jail, but not on Vegas's renowned Strip. The large groups of partygoers wandering around with tall, vibrant beverages promote walking about with yours, which is not only legal but also encouraged. Put those brown paper bags in the trash; there's no need to smuggle beverages off the Strip. There are a few small yet significant exceptions, though.

2. In Las Vegas, you must be at least 21 to drink.

The legal drinking age is 21 or older in Las Vegas and the neighborhood, as it is throughout the nation. If you are even a few years older than the legal drinking age, you may expect to be carded because there is no space for interpretation. Additionally, have your ID nearby and be prepared to show it if you have a baby face. Your 18+ child cannot drink liquor in public places. Keep in mind that most bars and many of the finest clubs have a 21-year-old minimum age limit while creating your party game plan.

3. If a closed container was used to purchase the alcohol, it cannot be consumed there or within a 1000 feet of the location.

This one has an odd tone to it. While you may buy an open container at a bar and walk about the strip while drinking it, you cannot do that till you are 1,000 feet away from the store when you purchase a closed container. Strange, we know. That entails refraining from purchasing beverages at the liquor shop and sipping one before checking out. Neither any nearby tailgating in the parking lot. Pregaming before you get to the bar is absolutely possible on the strip because there are thousands of shops selling alcohol; just make sure you're at least 1,000 feet away from the shop you're buying from.

4. Within one thousand feet of a church, synagogue, public or private school, hospital, withdrawal management center, or homeless shelter, drinking is not permitted.

Up until you are 1,000 feet away from specific public places, like a church or a drug and alcohol treatment facility, open container regulations in Vegas are rather loose. One of the few drinking regulations in The City of Las Vegas, unincorporated Clark County, and Paradise may be broken by taking even a single step closer. What exactly is 1,000 feet, you might be asking. The size is roughly equal to three football fields. Just keep your partying on the strip and in downtown Vegas unless you want to spend the entire night trying to determine how far you are from one of these facilities. Remember that there are a few places in downtown Vegas you should avoid.

5. Except for limos, all open containers are forbidden by state legislation in automobiles.

In Las Vegas, it is never acceptable to drive after drinking. Can you drink in the backseat if you decide to take an Uber to the next party location? No, is the response. Open containers are completely forbidden in automobiles in Nevada, whether you're driving or not. There is one exception, though. Without having to worry about breaching Nevada state regulations, you and your girlfriends or buddies may toast your way to your next destination while enjoying your favorite bottle of wine. On the strip, there is a ton of party locations to check out, and a limousine allows you to move between them easily & safely.

6. Bars may be open twenty-four hours a day. Packaged alcohol may also be purchased at grocery shops, liquor stores, and convenience stores at any time.

Las Vegas is an endless party destination. Bars can operate around the clock, and packaged alcohol is available anywhere at all times from retailers. So, you do if you want to start your celebration with a mimosa for breakfast and a few beers for lunch. Rock on if you want to spend the day drinking at one of the many new day clubs that are opening.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the aforesaid Las Vegas laws, then it can help you have a great time and prevent an arrest. Of course, one of the most important advice is to make sure you don’t drink & drive. Please don’t put yourself and others in harms way just for a fun night. Have a designated driver or call an Uber or taxi just to be safe. Ready to party in Vegas? Go for it ! Have Fun ! Just remember the laws at hand and be safe.

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