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Knowing Your Mannerisms in The Courtroom

If your court date is approaching, here are some tips on how to have the best mannerisms in court. We know going to court can be a stressful time & perhaps a bit overwhelming experience. We will help you and guide you all during the process. A Easy Way Out Bail Bonds has your back!

Make Sure Your Phone is Silenced or Turned Off

This is usually a no brainer but many will just forget to do so. Then if the phone rings in court, you can get really nervous and delay shutting it off. This is a sure way to frustrate or even upset a judge. The best solution obviously is to make sure your phone is on silent or turned off altogether well before entering the courtroom.

Stay Calm and Speak Only When it is Your Turn

It is natural to want to argue your case and at many times this can get you emotional, angry, and upset. However, when in court, stay calm and let your attorney argue or plead your case for you. Don’t be chattering with anyone in court even with your attorney unless it is just a quick whisper. Don’t speak out of turn but only when called upon. Don’t ever ever interrupt the judge when they are speaking or even the opposing team. Also, it is worth mentioning that you should be aware of your facial gestures. No frowning or anger looks as well as no laughing or exaggerated smiling even. Just look calm, professional and respectful.

When Addressing The Judge

When you speak to the judge, make sure you are respectful and address them as “Your Honor.” Don’t speak to the opposing party or attorney when addressing the court but rather directly look at the judge with respectful eye contact. When it’s your turn to speak, be short and precise. Answer the questions that are asked promptly and don’t delay answering the judge’s questions by talking about something else.

If you don’t agree what the opposing party is saying, don’t shake your head or roll your eyes. Stay composed throughout the hearing, and even after you hear the result. And when the session is over, make sure to thank the judge by simply saying “Thank you your honor”.

Don’t Worry !

We will guide you through the entire process! We have trustworthy bail agents in Las Vegas & Henderson who can help get you released from jail quickly. With over 15 years experience, contact the experts at A Easy Way Out Bail Bonds. Don't wait another minute, call 702-236-5731 today!


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