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How to Alleviate Your Stress When a Loved One is Arrested?

Do you have a family member or someone you love arrested? It can be a hard situation, not only for the one arrested but for their entire family. Unfortunately, so many of these family members can get very stressed and even experience depression during this period. As a result, some families break, people lose jobs or even think of committing suicide.

It is crucial to protect your mental health during an arrest crisis, particularly if the crisis is protracted, such as when your loved one is detained or confronting major legal issues. To ensure that your health does not deteriorate, we have compiled the best actions you can take to alleviate your stress when a loved one is arrested.

1. Avoid Social Media and the News

When your loved one is arrested, you need to stay away of anything that might trigger stress on your mental health. According to research, social media and news are major contributors of major stress in many people during this time. Especially if the arrest is a high profile case that will undoubtedly attract the major new sources.

If social media and the news can drain your mind even when you are in proper mental condition, what about at the moment of your loved one’s arrest? You need to keep away or drastically limit all these stress-triggering elements.

2. Get enough sleep

Protecting your mental health requires frequent, high-quality sleep, which can be challenging when a loved one is facing significant criminal accusations. Here are some techniques you can adopt to ensure you get enough sleep.

Come up with a night-time routine.

Even though getting sound sleep when you have a close friend or family member arrested can be challenging. So you need to develop a nightly routine. If you learn to follow a certain routine every night, it will help your body and mind get in a relaxing condition to sleep well. Learn to have specific sleeping and waking up hours-

When you have a lot of stress, you will be forced to set your regular sleeping and waking times. This will help you have adequate sleep. Train your mind to be fixed to these sleeping hours. Use non-addictive sleeping supplements- If all the other routine techniques fail to work, you can try to use some sleeping supplements that are not addictive. It is advisable to have a professional medical recommendation on the appropriate supplement.

3. Eliminate all negativities and absorb positive vibes

Doing away with negativities

If the arrest of your loved one stresses you, then you need to be very careful with what you choose to consume. From entertainment and friends to information, the concern is needed at this time.

Since you have already chosen to put aside all the social media and news sources, you need to move a step further and filter the people within your circle. Unfortunately, there are some people you take time to discuss matters with, which will leave you feeling more depressed than you were before. These kinds of people should be put on hold for the time being. Basically, if friends and family can’t be a source of encouragement during this time, then sadly they just need to be avoided.

Positivity absorption

During the arrest of your loved one, it's time to look for positive information, entertainment, and friends. Ensure that you put your time and energy into things that give you positive energy.

You can create a list of things and people that help keep you happy. Some of the ideas you can consider involve watching comedy videos, reading an inspirational book, going to a movie, attending coffee sessions with your close friends, and if you are a spiritual person then perhaps attend church or your religious group of preference. You are not trying to deny what has happened but just looking for ways to cope better with and to be a better support to the arrested individual.

4. Routine personal care

To alleviate yourself from some of the stress when you have someone you’re close to being arrested, you will need to come up with your daily personal care. These routines that you develop ensure that you are not affected by mental health issues. Some of the daily care you can adopt include;

Daily exercise

To keep your mind and body fresh and free, you can be setting up some time for a daily workout. For example, you can have a walk, morning run, or visit gym sessions within your area. Healthy eating- Ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet in every meal. This will keep your body fit and ready to fight any stressful circumstance. Please don't skip your daily routine- Whatever you choose to do daily, don't skip it at all. As long as the activity you are engaging in is helping you overcome the stress of having your loved one arrested, keep doing it.

5. Focus on your better moments and blessings

One of the best strategies to alleviate the stress of having your loved one arrested is checking the list of your better moments and blessings. You can choose every morning or evening to be the better time to assess your achievements in life. Do not concentrate too much on just this one challenge you are encountering when you can list a thousand milestones you have managed in life.


Yes, it can be painful and stressful to have your loved one walking through the corridors of a court or being arrested, but that is not the end of it all. You have a life to live; therefore, don't stress yourself because things will be well. Instead, focus on positive things, have a daily routine, exercise, eat healthily, and find enough sleep.

We at A Easy Way Out Bail Bonds realize that bad things can happen to good people. And this does not make you a bad person. With over 15 years experience, we have helped 100’s of clients in the Las Vegas Valley & Henderson that were in many of the same situations as you or your loved one. We have guided and cared for them during the whole process. We have helped our clients and their families stay positive and alleviate their stress. Contact the experts at A Easy Way Out Bail Bonds. Don't wait another minute, call 702-236-5731 today!


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