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How Can You Identify & Avoid Bail Fraud

If you or a loved one has been arrested, the ability to be freed on bond is a great option! Once the bond is paid, the defendant is free to consult with a counsel and prepare their defense. However, the actual bail amount can be set unreasonably expensive, and individuals may be unable to pay it. In this circumstance, you can seek the assistance of a qualified bail bonds firm. Because it is frequently a delicate and stressful moment for the accused's friends and family, it leaves them vulnerable to possible fraudulent bail bonds providers. To avoid this, keep the following considerations in mind when selecting Bail Bond Services:

Choose Only Licensed Bail Bond Agents.

Workers at a reputable bail bonds agency must all be licensed to work as bail bondsmen. In Nevada, bail enforcement agents must submit an application, attend a training course, and pass an exam to become licensed. Their license is from the Nevada Division of Insurance. Feel free to ask to see their license to confirm you're working with a reputable bondsman. Avoid using their services if they become defensive about it.

You'll Need To Fill Out Paperwork

This is a legal transaction that will necessitate the completion of paperwork. A reputable firm will summon you to their office for paperwork and will want your identification, other kinds of proof, and collateral. If a bondsman does not require you to fill out documentation, proceed with caution or don’t proceed with them at all.

Understand Fraudulent Strategies

Scams are all too rampant these days. Scammers prey on those who are most vulnerable or in dire need of assistance. The simplest approach to prevent them is to be aware of a few prevalent fraudulent tactics:

Solicitation Calls From Strangers

Hang up if you get a call from a bondsman reporting your loved one has been arrested. Make an effort to contact the loved one personally. You may check with the local prisons to make sure they aren't locked up. Cold call solicitations are usually not made by licensed bondsmen.

Professional bail bondsmen aren't going around jails looking for vulnerable families. It is up to you or a loved one to contact them, not the other way around. If a bail bond firm makes a lot of fuss about how amazing they are, you should be cautious of their services. This is especially true inside a jail, which is generally a no-solicitation zone.

Phone Documentation

When working with a bail bonds business, you will be required to sign documents. That, however, cannot be accomplished over the phone. You must pay them a visit in their workplace. If any so- called bail company wants to do it over the phone and have you pay then be very cautious. However, having said that there are rare instances when it is urgent to begin the bail bond process and your loved one is not able show up in person initially. In those instances, then it can begin over the phone including payment but then following up very soon to complete everything by signing documents in person. If that is the situation then make double sure you are dealing with a reputable, licensed agent to make sure you won’t be scammed on the phone and they disappear.

Avoid Anyone Who Offers A Discount

Bail bonds are less costly than posting your own bail. The fees imposed by a bail bond business, on the other hand, are mandated by state law. Keep in mind that you're not searching for a used automobile here trying to get the best deal. If someone offers to provide you a better bargain than the competition, you should probably walk away or closely check out their credentials.

Always Request To See The License.

This point is so important that it’s worth mentioning it again. The bail bonds agency must be licensed to operate in the state, and that license must be visible to the public. Always request to see the certificate stating that a bail bondsman or a bail bond organization is authorized to provide the service you require. If the firm becomes argumentative or cannot offer proof of licensing, keep going until you find someone willing to show you their paperwork.

Before Handing Over Any Money, Sign On The Dotted Line.

You must pay a charge for a bail bond business to post your bail, but it is critical that you complete all documentation before handing over your money. That documentation isn't simply a formality; it outlines what the bail company will accomplish and your responsibilities. Do not merely turn money over to a stranger without a signature on the required documentation. Make sure you have something in place that commits the firm to a course of action first, and if they try to take money from you before the paperwork is provided and signed, refuse & walk away. As mentioned previously there can be rare instances that you need to start it over the phone but again they are very rare.

Perform An Online Check

Getting a bail bond is a far larger issue than going to that new restaurant on the other side of town, so you should definitely do some homework. Check out what prior clients have to say by simply checking out their online reviews. Make sure you know more than just their name and address before contacting that bail bond firm.

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